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  • Jan 21, 2019
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What common errors are made by franchisors and how to avoid them?

What common errors are made by franchisors and how to avoid them?

The best thing will be to use a consultant because they can make sure you don't make common errors.

What we do is help companies do the right thing. We help them through the right process, making sure that it is done properly.

One of the mistakes that we have seen is insufficient piloting. This means not allowing the pilot enough time to demonstrate the efficacy of the franchise model.

When you sell a franchise, it is an investment. So you need to be able explain how the franchise model works with no exaggeration in the information that you provide. So it is important that there is an evidence base that can validate the information that you supply to your prospective franchisees.

The second most common mistake is not being precise enough when choosing franchisees. So you have to have a very clear profile of the sort of person you want. Through the process of meeting with prospective franchisees, you need a system that will tease out the right information in a scientific way.

Always exercise caution and go through a scientific methodical process. So you can get to a point where you know whether or not they will succeed at running a franchise.

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