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  • Nov 26, 2018
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How does Franchise Intelligence assist the franchising process?

Looking at franchising your business but want some help? Here is how we at Franchise Intelligence can assist with the franchising process.

The Franchise Intelligence approach is to go through a methodical process. The first step is an evalution of whether the business can be franchised. For this there are five boxes that need to be ticked which include: a proven business, can easily be replicated, there is demand for it, is it protected (e.g. trademarks, software licenses) and finally how profitable is the business. This is a feasibility check.

Next we go into infrastructure build mode, where we look at the key components. So what are the respective obligations going to be within the franchise relationship, what the franchisor and franchisee will each be responsible for. Another aspect is territories, how big should they be. The fee structure, how much will you sell the franchise for and how much the initial franchise fee and total investment will be are another area that we look at. We will also look at the recruitment process and how we will recruit franchisees.

At Franchise Intelligence, one of our expertise is helping franchisors to sharpen up their recruitment and stand out, so that they can build a network of successful franchisees.

Another area that we excel in is helping our clients, particularly those that are new to franchising, is that we mentor them throughout the franchising process.

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