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  • Sep 07, 2018
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What are the cons of franchising your business?

If you are looking into franchising your business, you probably want to know what cons there are.

There are some implications to franchising a business that should be made clear to you.

The first one is that you give up an element of control by delegating the running of a franchisee location.

Another con is that change can be a bit slower or more complicated. This is because you will have a network of business owners, who will look at everything from a commercial perspective.

So if you want to change anything, you have to convince the franchisees that it is worth doing. You have to be a bit more thorough and involved when you execute change in a franchise business.

There are also some smaller issues. Such as price, you have to allow franchisees consider appropriate prices in the local market place. You can set you framework, but not specific prices.

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