• Aug 31, 2017
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How to Use the Marketing Mix to Increase Sales

Increasingly buyers are using a wide range of media before they buy. Proctor and Gamble termed the process as Awareness followed by the First Moment of Truth followed by the Second Moment of Truth.  The idea being that advertising created awareness that helps buyers to spot a product on a shelf which is the first moment. The second moment is when the product/service is picked up, purchased and experienced by the client. The better the overall process and experience the more first sales, repeat sales and the greater the word of mouth recommendation. 

The internet age has added a fourth element to the mix which Google has called ZMOT or the Zero Moment of Truth. The ZMOT moment is created when a client publishes his or her experience of a product or service on the internet and someone else reads this rating and uses it as part of their pre-purchasing consideration process.

Increasingly buyers are seeking information from sellers and existing clients they have never met to help them make buying decisions. There is therefore three dynamics at play here:

1. The business and its promises

2. The client and their experience

3. The new potential client and their seeking of information that will help them to make a purchase

Today’s marketing mix must inevitably harness all the above.

Businesses, clients and new buyers may struggle to gather, offer and find all this information in one place. It is therefore wise for the business to identify a number of defined sources to promote its products and services, gather testimonials and actively support clients online.

The mix needs to consider buyer behaviour and lead the process with identified ways to find information and engage. Increasingly buyers want to get questions answered and gain support online. Help via social media platforms and chat apps are required as well as offering the phone number and contact form on a website.

We live in an increasingly engaged yet fragmented information age. Business owners must consider buyer behaviours and develop systems and processes to capture clients interest in a variety of methods.

The client's self-management of the buying process with the help and advice gathered from multiple people that they don’t know is a new and disruptive revolution. It is created and fired by the internet and social media which has made us all into publishers. Buyers have little time and we expect real time information via the internet. This is the new challenge for businesses and one that must be managed and overcome.

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