• Jul 27, 2016
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The value of social media platforms is determined by the quality of people that use them


If you are planning to make use of social media for business building then there is one constant you can use to build on.  

pexels-photo-141362That constant is - great people that are useful to other great people will find favour and build trust. The trust and favour you build will lead to business development and sales growth.

There is value in sharing content that is directly about you, your organisation and the products and services you sell. However to start the trust building process, provide value for others before asking for anything in return.

Traditional marketing starts with the sales message. Social media marketing starts with giving away something valuable.  Show interest in others and share conversations with carefully profiled people. This garners trust and openness to do business with you over time.

Person to person trust leads to open minds and openness to do business. Start with giving. The getting will come in due course.

The tech is a conduit for useful communication.  Collaboration between quality people is where the true gold is found.

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