• Jul 28, 2016
  • Mehrnaz Karimi
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European franchise body elects new chairman

Former British Franchise Association chair, Michael Eyre, has been elected as the new chairman of the European Franchise Federation (EFF), the federation of national franchise associations which maintains ethical standards and best practice in franchising throughout Europe.

The EFF confirmed the appointment following a unanimous vote by its General Assembly. He succeeds Guy Gras, the Yves Rocher legal director, in the position.

thumbnail_M EyreMichael, managing director of Blazes Renewables and the treasurer of the EFF for the last two years, was the chair of the bfa between 2011 and 2013.

He said: “The years ahead will be challenging for the federation, whose member associations represent an industry of more than 8,000 franchised brands supporting more than 250,000 franchisees across Europe.

“The success of franchising in creating enterprises and jobs is unchallenged but there are threats to the continued development of franchised businesses from organisations whose views are based on a failure to recognise what makes franchising so successful. That success, however, is recognised by the European Commission in its regulatory framework for franchising. That positive framework must be supported and developed throughout Europe.”

The executive director of the EFF, Carol Chopra, added: “The role of the chairman of the EFF is crucial in ensuring that the voice of franchised businesses, their franchisors, their franchisees, their staff and their customers is heard loud and clear by the European Commission, by the European parliament and by the parliaments who need constant reminder of the specificities of franchising and of its economic potential.”

The EFF and its 19 member associations are the guardians of good franchising practice in Europe through the European Code of Ethics for Franchising. Member associations of the EFF must require their franchise business members to adhere to this code.

Based in Brussels, the EFF is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 1972. It is one of the two supra-national federations to be recognised by, and belong to, the World Franchise Council.

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