• May 23, 2016
  • Mehrnaz Karimi
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Using Storytelling to Sell – Part Three: The Delivery

All great stories need a great delivery. The delivery of your stories can be improved in three steps. In this final part we will be looking at how you can improve the delivery of your stories to help boost sales.

The Delivery

There are three key ways you can improve your story delivery.


Sharpen your presentation skills by practising your stories. Try to cut out unnecessary extras and get to the point in a clear and concise way.


Illustrate your story and presentation. A picture can speak a thousand words so simplify the complexities by complementing the story with imagery.

Unleash your best storytellers

Teach and train your franchisees in the art of storytelling. Many franchisees are salespeople who will be able to make the most out of storytelling when speaking with clients.

We are all inspired by the storytellers who came before us. So get practising and inspire others with your ideas.

Things to Remember

  • Telling stories will give you that competitive edge by making you more relatable and a better communicator.
  • Make sure your stories are authentic. Being true to yourself and the story will make a much more authentic connection.
  • Be careful with embellishment. You will lose trust if your story becomes false through exaggeration.
  • There must be a purpose to your stories. Do not expose your skeletons just for the sake of it. Make sure the story is informative, educational and inspires your listener.


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