• Feb 01, 2016
  • Richard Dancy
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Building franchise network sales though social media – B2C franchise networks

If you are bored of hearing about social media every time you switch on the television or open a newspaper then you're not the only one however grumbling about Facebook or adopting a confused brow whenever a hashtag is mentioned has been reserved for those residing in the 20th century. The rest of us take what we like and use it when convenient.

How much of your daily news comes from a printed newspaper nowadays and how did you find out it was your sister in law's birthday last week?

Social Oils Communication NOT Sales

The truth is that social connectivity on the internet will never go away and in fact it will only ever increase blurring the lines between being out on and off-line worlds. The 'Internet of Things' where your fridge talks to your Asda order and your washing powder box is scanned by your washing machine is already happening and will be mainstream before long.

So how do you sell franchises via social media?


To start with you have to have a good offering. The Internet is there to share information and so if you aren't very good then people are going to find out sooner rather than later. The next step is to make sure you are set up properly and you have something to say.

  1. Set up all the social media platforms appropriate for your business audience so that they effectively represent your brand.
  2. Use the content you have already. You are experts in your field and you have a network of happy franchisees so get them talking and sharing.
  3. Advertise! Social media is not free. Allocate a budget and get somebody qualified to help you plan the best way to spend it.

B2B vs B2C on Social

Whether you are selling weight loss classes or industrial cleaning products people are buying your USPs. People are interested in your customer service and reputation. Your brand is your people too and the culture of your organisation. The internet will act as a platform for your decision makers to find out about you, ask questions and make comments. There is a perception that B2C works better on social but it is because they have bigger marketing and advertising budgets that shares engaging content. Why do big B2B corporations sponsor events whether they are sports or industry specific? Their customers are there and they want them talking about them.

Networking is the same as it has always been it is just that we are using smartphones to do it now as well. So in summary, the internet will help you communicate to your audience just like you have done for years but when it comes to social you can make it interesting, fun and engaging 24 hours a day anywhere where a smartphone can go. Happy hashtags!

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