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  • Richard Dancy
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Building franchise network sales though social media – Training franchisees

Working with your franchisee business partners to use social media to market your brand online is a joint effort. As with many topics a franchise network will look to the franchisor to provide guidance on internet marketing. This has proved to be extremely important in recent years and not something that the franchise industry can count as scoring a grade A in yet. The issue lies in the complexity and constantly shifting social media landscape. Franchisors have enough to do juggling the challenges they all ready have and a fully integrated online marketing strategy is something they will are starting to prioritise.

Train the Trainer

Before any franchise management team can move a franchise network forward they need to recognise and understand the opportunity themselves. There is no point in providing guidance and advice on Facebook when you are not confident in your ability on the topic yourself. The best way to do this is to get educated by reading up on the subject or taking an online or residential training course. This can be time consuming and so the alternative is bringing a consultant into the organisation to fast track the results. There are plenty of so called social media experts and agencies who will happily run training however do make sure they also fully understand and have experience in the franchise industry.

rome-928325_960_720Rome Wasn't Built in a Day: Communicate & Providing Network Training Over Time

Complex topics with a network possessing a range of skills and understanding of a plethora of topics means a franchise brand has to adopt a long term strategy. Introducing the concept and individualising it for your industry and customer audience will require careful planning linked to where the business is moving overall.

Starter for 10

A social media planning checklist:
  1. Skills audit: franchisor and franchisee.
  2. Resource requirement: human and monetary.
  3. Current social footprint: assessment of existing platforms.
  4. Competitor assessment.
  5. Ideal Social Situation: SMART objectives for your online plan for all relevant media.
  6. Define link between franchisor and franchisee.
  7. Select early adopter franchisees to pilot new initiatives and demonstrate potential.
  8. Integrate full marketing calendar.
  9. Set up training calendar: conference presentations, sales meetings, webinars, workshops.
  10. Request feedback regularly: review and fine tune your process.
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