Types of franchise opportunities
  • Nov 25, 2015
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Types of franchise opportunities

On 30th September 2015, Clive Smith held a webinar that covered all you need to know to franchise your business. Over the course of the hour-long webinar, Clive takes us through the background of franchising, the principles, the mechanics and the requirements. In this video he takes us through the different types of franchise opportunities.

There are 3 common types of franchise; the owner-operator, management and corporate. Outlined below are the basics of each type:


  • Runs from home
  • Man and van
  • Home services
  • Non complex
  • Lifestyle
  • Low investment


  • Premises
  • Employ staff
  • Commercial skills
  • Retail, business services
  • Medium level investment


  • Large enterprises
  • Complex
  • Self sufficient
  • High investment

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