• Nov 10, 2015
  • Richard Dancy
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Building franchise network sales though social media – Building trust with clients

"You've heard of us haven't you?"

We are living in a high-tech business world where pretty much anything can be googled in a second with online services for business cards to a virtual lawyer. However there is still a lot to be said for the real world and building business the old fashioned way with relationships face to face.

Your customer's first impression of you is made online not in person...

touch-screen-1023967_640Working with people and talking to them to understand their individual requirements is important in franchising just as it always has been however now when we do actually meet people for the first time we have more often than not found out some information about them online first. Potential franchisees will run an internet search on their franchisor and find them on LinkedIn before they submit their enquiry. Suppliers will visit new customers' websites, check their credit history and perhaps watch their YouTube videos before their first meeting. Customers will look at review sites and social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to see what people are saying about the brand before they purchase. They might read a couple of blog articles about the franchise business to get a feel for the company before they pick up the phone.

"I loved your video on Customer Service..."

keyboard-568978_640This is what you want to hear from a potential client you have never met before as they feel they know you a little already and feel comfortable engaging in conversation. Building that trust with your client base in advance via internet marketing is becoming a necessity not just a nice thing to do. Make sure that you have up to date articles on your blog and website explaining why you are the expert in what you do. Keep all your marketing content up to date and relevant to your target audience. Make it interesting and don't make it about just selling your product. Actually people want to hear about you and your team and what makes you human.

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