Why do you use social media?
  • Oct 30, 2015
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Why do you use social media?

Nick Strong, MD of Franchise Intelligence was kindly invited to speak about social media for Encouraging Women in Franchising. Watch the video and see the article below to see his insights to the subject.

Your main use for using social media may be for staying in touch with family and friends. If you consider why that is, it’s most likely because the people you are connected with mean something to you or have something interesting to say. To increase this into a business context then the same rules apply. People connect to each other because they are interested in what the other person has to say.

If your focus for social media is to get leads and to network you must consider where the people you want to connect with may be spending their social media time. This may be Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn depending on the sorts of people you are aspiring to connect with.

For business profiles such as pages on Facebook or Twitter accounts set up just for the business, it is important you focus your content on a wide range of subjects. The subjects should still interest the reader but rather than being entirely inward facing, you must speak about other related topics. An example may be events that are coming up that the franchise just happens to be attending, or perhaps articles about franchising to help educate the reader. By sharing a wide range of content, the people you are connected with not only have plenty of interesting content to read but they will also become more aware and trusting of the brand.

Sometimes the best posts that receive the most attention are those that may not necessarily be completely directed at the business but are funny, shocking or surprising for the audience. They are more like to share something that will cause a reaction with their connections than something that will go unnoticed.

When considering where to set up social media profiles, you must keep in mind where your target audience are. If you decide to sign up for Twitter but all of your contacts and connections are on LinkedIn then there is really no use of sharing things on your Twitter profile. The platform should be the last thing you consider when going into social media marketing. You may have the most interesting content out there but if none of your connections are going to see it then sharing it is a waste of time.

The ultimate goal of social media is to engage with your connections and potential clients. So long as you are sharing content your connections will find interesting, and you are sharing it in the right places then there is no reason why you shouldn’t engage them.

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