Who is number 1?
  • Oct 16, 2015
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Who is number 1?

Nick Strong, MD of Franchise Intelligence was kindly invited to speak about social media for Encouraging Women in Franchising. Watch the video and see the article below to see his insights to the subject.

PART II: Who is number 1?

When you are communicating with people via social media, the person in the middle is not the business owner. The mindset we must start with is what is everyone interesting in, and what are they talking about?

Put simply, in my social channels I gather around me people who are important to me and people who have something to say that interests me. If you are not going saying anything that interests me then I am not going to connect with you. If I am not connected with you, there is nothing you can share with me. This is the difference with social media. In standard advertising, you buy a piece of the action and you tap into the community. However with social media, it gives you the power to build your own communities. By building these communities you are able to open up the conversation and start to talk about things that are important to them.

A very useful tool within social media is the ability to see what people are talking about. For example, hashtags in Twitter allow you to see what’s being spoken about the most and what’s trending. If you search #franchise on Twitter you will see all of the conversations that are going on as they happen around the word franchise. People will join the conversation by adding the hashtag to their tweets. Another example of this is Franchise Hour which happens every Wednesday 8-9pm and every Sunday 9-10pm. This hour is dedicated to everything franchise related and people can join in the conversation using #FranchiseHour.

By paying attention to hashtags, you begin to understand what kinds of thing people are speaking about and how you can become involved. The reason this is important is because as you produce content to appeal to other people, you need to know what they are interested in, what problems they may want to solve and what they want to talk about.

So how to you sell a franchise to someone who doesn’t know what a franchise is? If you think about potential franchisees there are some common traits. They are usually:

  • Aspirational
  • Dissatisfied with their career
  • Looking for a better way forward
  • Looking to be ethically lead

Some may have all these traits but still not know what franchising is. If your content is solely based around franchising, you are only connecting to a small niche of people. You will not be connecting with those who are not yet familiar with franchising.

People who come into franchising are either in career transition or career crisis. They are fed up with what they are doing, they want something else but they are not entirely sure what that something else may be. If we start to think of some of the vocabulary that these people may be using in their conversations, it is often along the lines of:

  • Redundancy
  • Starting a business
  • Self-employment
  • Flexibility
  • Be the boss
  • Change of lifestyle

When people are having conversations on social media, they tend to use these kinds of words, for example #BeTheBoss or #CommuterHell. So you can start to find the vocabulary people are using and what they are talking about to give you an insight as to where they are at in their journey.

If we think about it in terms of a journey and we take A as “I hate my job” and B as “Franchising”, there are a number of steps of awareness that people have to go through. Knowing what a franchise is may be quite far along on the journey of discovery. By focusing on what people are speaking about on social media and using certain hashtags, we are able to tap into the people at the beginning of the journey before they know about franchising.

Social media is all about the people, rather than about what you want to sell. It is about people and where they are at in their lives. It is not about ‘buy this, buy that’, it is more about saying ‘I am interesting in where you are at in your life and I have something interesting to say that could help you’.

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