The power of sharing
  • Oct 23, 2015
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The power of sharing

Nick Strong, MD of Franchise Intelligence was kindly invited to speak about social media for Encouraging Women in Franchising. Watch the video and see the article below to see his insights to the subject.

PART III: The power of sharing

Everyone now have the power to publish material but social media becomes really interesting when people begin to share other people’s material. If you have the power to publish, you also have to power to share what is important to you.

Sharing can be in multiple forms including a retweet on Twitter, resharing on Facebook or reposting an article on LinkedIn and there are numerous reasons why you may share something. For instance, you may want to share someone else’s good news, or you come across a funny post that might make you and others laugh, or perhaps the article has a big effect of you and the people you’re connected with.

The people you are connected with are your audience and targeting this audience correctly is very important. By paying attention to what affects this audience and what is important to them, you will be able to share more relevant articles with them.

The audience will tend to gather around the words and phrases that interest them. By posting within these categories, you will connect and engage with your audience more effectively.

And example of this is LinkedIn groups. There may be groups on LinkedIn called ‘Redundancy Exit’ or ‘Start a New Business’. These are the kinds of groups that franchisors may join as the people within these groups are in career transition. These are the people who may be interested in franchising but do not yet know about the benefits of it.

Social media is not about you and what you want to sell, it’s about people and where they are at in their lives and that is the main point of difference.

When it comes to writing articles, using particular titles and keywords will help to draw in larger audiences. An example of this is instead of an article titled “Top Ten Tips for a Prospective Franchisee”, the article could be developed into “How to Manage Career Change”. Within the article it may outline where the person may be at, what they might be doing and how to solve some of the challenged they may be facing.

There could be a number of options within the article on how to surpass these challenges but only one of them would be franchising. This makes the article something that will help people going in a number of directions. The ones that decide franchising is the most interesting route could be linked to the original poster’s website. This would then in turn generate a lead for the business.

Having an article that is useful for a number of people, rather than just those already familiar with franchising, will make the article more interesting and shareable. Those who have read the document may go on the share it with their social network connections as it has been helpful for them and may be helpful for others that they know.

Sharing is a key benefit of social media. If one person finds something interesting and they share it on Facebook, then that article is being shared to all of their connections. If the average Facebook user has 200 friends, the chances are by this person sharing your article you will reach out to people you may not have connected with previously.

Historically, if something was interesting people would have shared it through word-of-mouth which would have reached the maximum of around 5-15 people. And once the words had gone then it was finished and possibly forgotten about. With social media, not only are you reaching a much wider audience but the article stays online forever. People can keep sharing the information for days, months or even years so long as the content is relevant.

Sharing enables you to market the business through other people’s efforts. As people continually share your articles, your influence will grow and people will return to you for advice, guidance and the services the business offers.

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