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  • Richard Dancy
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Building franchise network sales though social media – Choosing your channels

I recently gave my Dad a crash course in social media and where to start as his wife has a successful saddlery business and like many SMEs is dabbling with internet marketing...

Where to start?

I always recommend taking a step back to focus on the basics;

Who knows the most about your business? (That will be you, your franchisees, your employees and your franchisees staff).

Who are your customers exactly? (A useful exercise is to profile them and then create avatars of your average target and existing customers).

What is it they are looking for and like about your products and services? (Ask them regularly for feedback via an independent service such as TrustPilot or FeeFo).

Once you have the reminder of these basics them you can start selecting the relevant social media channels for your business.

social-network-76532_640You can't decide on the most relevant social media networks without understanding where your customers are already spending their time online.

Back to my family's saddlery business; their customers are almost 100% women in New Zealand and they have a horse or a family member with horses. They tend to be over 20 years old and like photos of horses and the great outdoors. Their favourite channels might include Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. Should they therefore ignore Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn? Also what about YouTube and Vimeo?

Your next question is one of resource

How much time and money do you have?

I explained to my Dad that this is actually not a difficult decision once the initial setup, trial and analysis has been completed. Budget and staff will need to be agreed once we have done all the homework previously mentioned and then tested the water with some posts and advertising. If you are doing it right then your positive ROI will mean that your are happy to invest and expand slowly but surely to gain momentum with your franchise social media marketing.

There are plenty more steps and decisions to make:

What content do you already have?

You and your brand's stakeholders already know a lot about your business and have information, photos and probably even videos about your subject matter.

How will you organise your franchise network online?

What control will you have over your franchisees' use of the brand?

What is your social media policy and how does it link to the franchise agreement?

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