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Building franchise network sales through social media – What our clients say

What is the magic formula? How does it really work and what are the secrets to making franchise sales or sales for your franchise network using social media? How do we go about doing it?

These are the questions we are constantly answering and discussing with more and more franchise professionals. We are now awake to the fact that social media is the established choice of communication for people in the UK whatever they are doing.

The answer to the million dollar question is really surprisingly simple and can be summarised is 3 steps listed below:

3 Steps to Social Media Success 1 - Set-up 2 - Content 3 - Conversation

The steps are underpinned by another truism in that success in social media and internet marketing requires investment in time and money, sprinkled with plenty of hard work.

imac-606765_640There is no way to cheat the system! The plan for any successful marketing strategy whether online or not, requires the communication to be relevant and interesting to its target audience. Even with a healthy budget it is folly to launch unless you are sure you have all the ingredients right as the days of tricking the system or paying without understanding your customer's needs is going to create a big hole in your pocket.

Each of the 3 steps must be right and can get complicated as you delve into each area of detail.

Can someone else do it for me? Plenty of business professionals understand the need for social media but confess that it isn't their bag. So why not get someone else to do it? There are plenty of people that will take your money but can they speak with your voice? Clients want guidance, training and perhaps some paid project elements however it must be a partnership as the key to making internet marketing work is to communicate the essence of the brand which is a real challenge without living and breathing it yourself and understanding the intricacies of your systems. It can be done but only the big budget brands do it justice using external agencies and even then the brief must be watertight.

What does franchise social media success look like? Once the steps have been completed and the hard work is in full flow (and it is a bit like physical fitness training in that you can't ease off as your performance will inevitably drop) then success is about an inbox and diary bursting full of automatically pre-qualified leads that want to meet you or buy your product or service. Franchise brands that are making it work to its full potential are very few and far between but there are plenty moving towards a highly efficient and effective sales funnel to franchise and customer recruitment.

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