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Measuring by impact when advertising for franchisees

Gone are the days when a franchisor can measure the usefulness of an advertising website by the number of leads it dispenses directly into a franchisors inbox. So why is that? More and more advertising is being used as a first point of awareness by would be franchisees and less and less as a point of enquiry commitment. So what is going on?

Buyers are finding and researching franchises through advertising as they always did. However before making contact there is a growing trend of personal desk research around the broader internet. The broader research may include investigative insight from the following places:
  • The franchisor’s own website
  • Franchisee mini sites
  • Branded Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media profiles
  • Comments by clients on the service they received that are out of the control of the franchisor or the franchisee’s publishing control
  • Exhibitions
  • Companies House searches
There is also a growing interest in reading about the people behind the brand. This means looking at LinkedIn and other social media personal profiles. 15-01-12-990_640Once this research is completed the would be franchisee can make contact in a number of ways. Included in this is:
  • Connecting to an individual via a branded and personal social media profile
  • Conversation via direct messaging in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Skype
  • Phone call
  • Text
  • Returning to the portal where they first discovered the franchise and filling in the contact form
  • Contacting via the options provided on the franchisor’s website
The plus of the increased empowerment of buyers is that they can be very knowledgeable and engaged by the time they meet the franchisor. The downside is that they can find content they do not like or a lack of content. Both can be damaging and off-putting. This can result in buyers being lost and the franchisor not knowing that there was ever interest. So what’s to be done? All your online content for brand and people that work for the brand must be mapped out and on message. Data needs to be honed, cleansed and improved. The story must be clear and the message compelling. By doing this the franchisor can start to measure the impact on lead flow and conversation as they add and remove elements from the advertising and social media content mix. If you are worried or inspired then contact us and get the education and services you need to transform your recruitment. Click HERE for details.

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