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How operations and sales work together to recruit more franchisees

When it comes to recruiting franchisees it’s no longer a linear process. Would be franchisees have more information about franchise opportunities than ever before. This information is being accessed in a buyer led, pre-contact discovery process.

This is nothing new to some extent as buyers have always jumped from one information source to another when researching options. The difference today is that buyers want to find evidence of online engagement between franchisor, franchisee and local clients. This information is sought as it demonstrates in practise the frequency and quality of communications within the brand. It also highlights the importance of people that operate the brand and shows the human face of the business.

Thus the conversational aspect of operations becomes a clear and early consideration in the franchise buying journey. Where this open and engaged conversation is demonstrated it can build understanding and confidence in the mind of the would-be franchisee. This has the result of producing well self-qualified enquires for the franchisor to consider.

cms-265128_640It must therefore be stated that where there is a lack of open communication there is a perceived lack of understanding and evidence of effective communication within operations as far as the researching buyer is concerned. This can be disruptive to the process and cause loss of enquiries at the pre-contact stage. This can be devastating as it can undermine the results of advertising investment. The number of leads per budget allocated can diminish with no clear indication as to why.

For this reason a franchisor must consider his communications at every level as many parts of one whole. Personal profiles must be set up under brand guidelines and permissions agreed and set up effectively. Tone of voice must be understood and monitored. In short all the stakeholders working off one plan for the common good.

Within the conversation strategy, how to include and engage with clients is very important. It is very damaging when the brand is mentioned by a client and that comment, be it good or bad, is left without a response. Inactivity erodes buyer confidence.

All the stakeholders make up a growing fragmentation of the whole company voice. The more that these are seen and heard the more understanding will exist about the brand and its values in practise.

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