• Aug 13, 2015
  • Mehrnaz Karimi
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Benefits of social media marketing

If social media is something that you do not use in your personal life, it can be easy to ignore it within business. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + have been around long enough now to have evolved into something much more useful. The platforms are less about sharing photos of your cat and more about getting your business seen.

Social media as a marketing tool can be profitable to your franchise in multiple ways, so long as it is done correctly.

So what are these benefits?

  1. Recognition. The more your business is seen using platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, the more recognisable the brand will be. Publishing content specifically for each social media platform will build up identification that clients will become familiar with. This enables you to target those clients who become more involved over social media.
  2. Loyalty. Once this recognition begins to spread, clients will soon become loyal. We are all more loyal to brand that we know and are familiar with. Not only this, but the social media presence you build up will also remain in the clients brain subconsciously thus bringing to mind your brand when faced with a choice.
  3. Opportunity. Social media provides an opportunity to get into contact with old, current and new clients. It opens up the conversation though published content such as press release marketing and news of events. You will be able to connect to these clients through a page ‘like’, a follow or an invitation. This will keep them in the loop as to what the company is up to and how they can get involved. You will also be able to see which clients are interested in your content through what they engage
  4. Higher conversion rates. There has been a disruption in marketing in recent years in which clients will want to do more desk research themselves before getting into contact with you for information about your company. By engaging in social media, you will be helping increase your conversion rates by showing these clients what the business is involved in on an alternative platform. One of the first places a client will go to is a Facebook or Twitter page so why not show them what they are looking for? By doing so, you are more likely to hear back from the client.
  5. Increase website traffic. Linking your social media profiles to your website will provide an easy connection for your clients. You can also ensure they are going to the correct website, with the correct content.
  6. Decreased costs. Traditional marketing can cost a lot of money for small businesses, a cost that many could do without. By taking control of the social media marketing, the costs will decrease ten fold. The platforms are readily available and it is just a case of ensuring the right content is posted at the right times.
  7. Improved insights. Connecting with your customers via social media enables you to get feedback and insights as to how they feel about the company. Be mindful of negative feedback and how you handle it as this can cause a lot of backlash. However, by noting what clients are engaging in and what is not as popular will help you to target your content better.

There is a lot to learn about social media marketing, such as what works and what doesn’t, but as you can see the bonuses are numerous. And in the digital age we are now in it is important to keep up with the technology that is available.

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