• Jul 06, 2015
  • Richard Dancy
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Building franchisee sales though social media – An introduction

Get involved in the conversation! Your potential franchisees are on Facebook every day; so what are you saying to them?

Whether you are B2B or B2C your brand needs to connect with your customers in a way that adds value and engages their interest. And that doesn't mean SELL SELL SELL.

Businesses often make the mistake of ignoring Facebook when it comes to selling franchises (and indeed when franchisees are selling to their clients) because it's a B2B work scenario isn't it? Not really no. We are all individuals whether we're looking for new work opportunities or not. There are 32 million active daily users in the UK on Facebook alone and they are far more likely to be contemplating a change of direction in their work life when idly scrolling through their smartphone at lunch or whilst waiting for their kids to come out of evening classes.

'There are 32m active daily customers on Facebook in the UK alone'

3 Simple Steps To Sales via Social Media

FI infographic 3

1. Represent

tie-690084_640Be there and look the part. You can't engage your customers without being noticed in the places they spend their time. Get on all the relevant platforms and make sure you are appropriately dressed. You wouldn't go to a wedding in jeans and trainers unless you knew that's what the invitation had said was okay so make sure your brand look and feel is perfect for all social media platforms. Instagram for example is stylish with high quality photography and LinkedIn requires a more businesslike demeanour.

2. Network & Provoke

Identify the individuals and organisations you want to talk to and don't be shy. Share their content and comment in areas they are active. Ask rhetorical questions or actually do some surveys to get their opinion. Whatever the conversation, get involved and be sure to be the font of knowledge for your audience even if it is a little left field. For example if you are selling cleaning products and services then you could take part in a debate around gender roles in the home or eating lunch at your desk at work.

3. Data Capture

Once you have got the attention of your targets then you are only really half way there as you have sold anything yet. Social media marketing is all about generating potential sales leads to drop into the top of your sales funnel. The first step is to offer something of value in return for their email address. This is known as 'Lead bait' and often comes in the form of a guide or survey with information valued by the recipient which can be as simple or as detailed as you like. Once the transaction has taken place then you can start taking your prospects through your sales journey in the knowledge that they have already bought into your brand ethos and your personality resonates.

'Nothing really starts until somebody sells something!'


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