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5 Top tips to build social worth for your franchise – Building franchise network sales through social media

Social media in franchising is a marketing resource that both the franchisor and network of franchisees can enjoy alike.

The process involves building the brand and engaging the audience of potential customers in the places that they choose to interact. The most popular social media network in the UK is Facebook and contrary to some advice it is an excellent way of building a following of potential customers whether you are B2B or B2C as whether your target is a business or a consumer you are still talking to people who make decisions.

FACT: Facebook is the UK's most popular social media network with 32million active daily users.

5 Top Tips to Build Social Worth for your Franchise

1. Make messages and content something your audience looks forward to reading: How do you make selling washing machines interesting? have the answer and with 1.7+ million Facebook followers for a company from Bolton selling white electrical goods they are worth looking at. They looked closely at who their audience are and engaged them with competitions and fun interactive, humorous posts that their customers can't wait to interact with.

2. Be the font of knowledge for your product, service or industry: the magazine Dogs Today has a fairly modest readership but their social media reach is over 1 million a month because they are able to deliver the perfect mix of insights and advice to everything in the dog world as well as cute photos that their followers love and readily share promoting their brand for free.

FACT: The combined total active users of Twitter and LinkedIn in the UK amounts to around 30 million.

3. Automate and repeat now and again: The internet is awash with content some of which is good but the majority is rubbish. Making your messages standout is key but even if they are good they can easily be missed. There are many free tools available that help distribute your content on alternative platforms and different times of the day such as Hootsuite, Buffer, AgoraPulse and SproutSocial.  They also allow you to repeat content you've identified as particularly good.

iphone-410311_6404. Once you have an audience make sure you are collecting email addresses to add to your sales funnel: Look at any well marketed business and their website will be offering free content in exchange for your email address. The website that takes email addresses in a fair exchange for valued content and then goes on to send messages to their potential customers will work their database harder and more efficiently yielding higher results.

FACT: Social referrals outnumbered organic search engine referrals for the first time in the USA in 2015.

5. Always be responsive: your audience is precious and a resource that needs to be valued so ignore them at your peril. If they make the effort to interact with you then don't keep hanging on. Social media sites are now ranking and scoring brands on how responsive they are and so low scores will go against your brand here as well as with your customers.

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