• Jun 08, 2015
  • Richard Dancy
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What Every Franchise Professional Needs To Know About Social Media But Is Too Afraid To Ask!

Are you suffering? You should be excused if perhaps you are feeling a little overwhelmed by all this talk of social media and internet marketing opportunity. Our advice is that you tune in to our next webinar “What Every Franchise Professional Needs To Know About Social Media But Is Too Afraid To Ask!” We feel your pain, we have felt it too! There is so much out there that can be bewildering and at the end of the day what businesses are looking to do is grow their network and get those in their network selling more. Personal empowerment at a director level is what Franchise Intelligence specialises in; so that franchise professionals are able to build with confidence within a team their very own integrated strategic marketing plan for 2015 and beyond.

‘Franchise Intelligence provide a joined up solution!’

social media confusionSocial Confusion: In recent years, and especially the last 12 months, I have been talking to many of you about social media. What entrepreneurs and franchise business owners and key decision makers in the franchise industry have been telling us is that they are confused. That's not really very surprising either as it is a minefield. Do you or anyone in your organisation suffer? Whether it's Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube or others, do you know where, when, what and how your brand should be present? We all know social media and internet marketing is important in franchising but are you 100% confident what your business is doing is right? We have put together a webinar that addresses this issue. Richard Dancy will discuss the issues and franchise learning with his experienced franchise colleague Nick Strong during our session entitled 'What Every Franchise Professional Needs to Know about Social Media but is too afraid to Ask!' It allows you to join in on the discussion and includes 'The Top 10 Social Media' Franchisor MUST KNOWS' to get you making money from social media. ***EXTRA for registrants*** Get our ebook guide 'Benchmark Your Franchise Social Media: THE Top 5 Franchise Social Media Mistakes'. We look forward to sharing some superb business insights that directly relate to franchise recruitment and network growth. Register now and I will send you 2 x bonus reports straight away: Franchise Social Media Benchmarking Report + THE Top 5 Franchise Social Media Mistakes Webinar running this month – 23rd June 2015

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