• Jun 05, 2015
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Franchise recruitment is changing fast

Over the years franchisors have used advertising channels such as portals, exhibitions and printed media as lead dispensing machines. Each channel measured by its own output for value and effectiveness. 

Today, however, the buyer is growing in authority and is expecting much more content across multiple channels before committing to a contact request. People researching your franchise are looking for well-structured and consistent messaging across multiple platforms. This includes online, offline publications and social media communications.

People and brands

There is an increased interest in the people behind the brand and what they have to say.  People and brands are two parts that make the whole. A would-be franchisee wants to understand the people they will deal with as much as they want to understand the brand and its reputation in the marketplace.

Multiple channel marketing

Every franchisor needs to understand multiple channel market and have a plan in place. The plan must make clear who will do what, when and why. It must clearly outline engagement and conversion strategies (on and offline) so return on investment can be measured. 

The Plan

The plan must include brand building for the system, personal brand building for key personnel and franchisees, client engagement strategies, training, support, risk management systems, advertising and enquiry handling, Costumer Relationship Management systems, and recruitment conversion analytics. Implementing the plan will put the franchisor back in control of franchise recruitment.

Need help?

This is the first is my new series of articles about the disruption to franchisee recruitment and what to do about it. Watch out for my next post called "Profile of a would-be franchisee".

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