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Franchise Recruitment and how it is changing [Part III]

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So is advertising dead?

Advertising is still key in franchise recruitment however the way it is being used by buyers is changing so the way it is used and measured by sellers needs to change also. Buyers will still visit and read advertising content as it is a useful point of brand, service and opportunity awareness.

More and more, research behaviour now jumps from place to place around the internet before an enquiry is made. An enquiry may terminate in many forms including a Twitter following, LinkedIn contact request, following of your company page, form fill for contact via your website and still direct from advertising channels of all descriptions. The many parts must now be considered as elements as one whole. The impact of adding or removing elements will determine the value of each element over the whole recruitment campaign.

New skills for new times

Clearly the potential is huge and the opportunities are now greater than ever before however to maximise the potential the opportunity must be understood and grasped.

Franchisors and their staff must gain the understanding needed to increase awareness, understanding, engagement, build trust and increase sales.

New skills must be learnt and new joined up strategic thinking and planning is now a must as well.

Don’t panic - Help is available

Franchise Intelligence works with franchisors to increase understanding implement processes and build sales. For more information visit our site.

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