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Franchise Recruitment and how it is changing [Part II]

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So what has changed?

Today we are all connected. The availability of channels such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn has made us a connected society. So how is this useful when it comes to the five phases of finding and recruiting franchisees?

Know and be known

We are in the age where the barriers to publishing and access to publisher content have all but been removed. Every one of us is now a publisher. Every time each one of use tweets, shares a message with friends via Facebook or writes a blog we are publishing. What we publish is distributed automatically to our friends and contacts and they can further distribute what we share with them to their own contacts. What we publish creates understanding for our own networks and also becomes part of our own personal brand.

This plethora of information, that is produced by you and me, provides a rich source of understanding for anyone that wants to know more about our sector, our brands and those that work within them. The building of this information around and through people, that work within franchising, can work to fill the confidence gap that currently causes so much distress in the franchise recruitment process.

Buyers can better understand sellers via their people. Connections can be made and conversations can be had that build relationships long before a face to face encounter is achieved. This means that profiling and filtering start before a meeting rather than during and after alone. It means that the meeting is a highly engaged collaborative time rather than just a PowerPoint driven sales pitch.

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