Thinking of Franchising your business?

If you have a successful business and looking for a cost effective method of expanding then you should be seriously considering franchising. It can be a highly profitable and rewarding strategy for building a nationwide business.

If you have been asking yourself, ‘how can I franchise my business?’ then the Franchise Intelligence team specialises in enabling you, the business owner, to assess the potential that franchising offers and to implement the most appropriate franchise strategy for growth.

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We Will

  • Conduct your feasibility study – Is franchising right for your business?

  • Prepare a realistic business plan as your working document

  • Implement effective franchise development programmes

  • Manage franchise launch campaigns

  • Create systems to support and monitor your franchise network

If our initial feasibility study shows that franchising could be applied to your business we will then provide a road map with action points to deliver your business as a packaged franchise offering.

FRANCHISING – Business ownership with the risks minimised

Franchising is now a well-established and highly dynamic method of distributing a product or service. There are now over 920 businesses operating a franchise model in the UK, represented by 37,000 franchisees. Collectively, franchising now generates £13.5bn of revenue annually.

In simple terms, franchising involves the owner of a successful business granting the rights to replicate and operate that business to another party, an individual or corporation, using the owners trademarks and intellectual property.

In return for an initial investment and monthly royalty payment, the franchisee receives everything they need to set up and run their new business with help and support from the franchisor at an agreed level and for an agreed length of time.

Many recognised national retail and service brands are now successfully operating on a franchise basis, taking advantage of sound business benefits that include:

  • Exploiting the tried and tested business model that you’ve created and operate with proven success.

  • Expanding cost effectively – franchisees invest in the assets need to operate the business, not you.

  • Operating with limited overheads – the cost of service/product delivery are borne by franchisees.

  • Heightened levels of customer service – as business owners franchisees are particularly tuned into delivering service excellence.

Training Days

If you are new to franchising then you may want to consider attending one of our ‘How To Franchise Your Business’ Training Days. These informative days are packed full of helpful insight for those at the early stages of considering growing their business via the business format franchising route.

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