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Welcome to Franchise Intelligence

Franchise Intelligence specialises in helping businesses fully maximise the benefits of franchising. Our team is geared to helping businesses apply sound, effective strategies for franchising their business.

Whether you are seeking to understand how franchising could benefit your business, have identified franchising as a development route or you’re an existing franchisor looking for guidance on improving business performance, Franchise Intelligence can help.

Franchise Intelligence comprises a team of experts with proven track records in developing and running franchised businesses, large and small. We understand how effective franchise networks should operate to be capable of fulfilling the expectations of all involved.

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    Franchise My Business

    Wondering about the possiblity of franchising your business? Book a FREE initial consultation with one of our experienced franchise consultants.
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    Recruit Franchisees

    With our unique combination of strategy and tools, we can work with you to drive more leads and increase conversion which equals more franchisees!
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    Grow Network Revenue

    We specialise in helping your franchise network perform better. It's a win-win for you and your franchisees.

We provide a combination of consultancy, training and software tools to help your maximise your business potential.

Meet Our Team

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    Nick Strong

    Nick has worked in franchising for over fifteen years and as a franchise recruiter and system developer. Nick has recruited over one hundred franchisees. Nick uses his direct franchise involvement understanding and couples this with his technical and marketing expertise to grow franchise revenues.

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    Clive Smith

    Clive has worked as a Director for a number of different franchisors over the past 20 years, including Dyno-Rod, MyHome and Snack In The Box. He was also responsible for the creation and launch of the Magicman Global franchise concept. Now Clive offers his expertise and experience in helping existing businesses enter the franchise arena and existing franchisors to develop and expand their network further.

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    Joel Caws

    Joel has over 15 years experience in Web Development and Online Marketing. Joel has worked in the franchising industry for over 10 years overseeing the technical development of and In his spare time, Joel plays bass guitar in a band as well as being a keen snowboarder and walker.

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    David Kelly

    David has helped hundreds of individuals find the franchise that is right for them over the past 25+ years. David has been in the franchise industry for over 20 years. Working in Europe, MENA, Ireland and the USA. He has personally owned multiple franchises, been a master franchisee as well as a franchisor. He has a track record and proven process for helping individuals like you, find a franchise that is prefect match.

    * Build your ideal business model using our Franchisee/Franchisor Assessment Tool
    * Identify the franchises that are best match for you
    *Coach you through the research process so you can make a safe and wise decision
    *Get you in connected with other franchise professionals in the area like Lawyers, Accountants and Financing companies.

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    Darren Blackstock

    As a sales and franchisee recruitment executive at Franchise Intelligence, I get to see some really cool tech.

    One of my favourite things is connecting with franchise networks, to implement lead handling processes and recruitment enablement programs.

    For me, it’s all about helping franchisors realise their growth dreams and matching them with the best technology. The right tech and apps do simplify franchise recruitment and lead management.