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Building franchisee network sales though social media – Top 10 Common franchise social media mistakes [Part II]

Social media has been around for long enough now in the UK to expect some basic levels of use by all franchise brands, however the range of success varies massively and there are plenty of common mistakes that are regularly made.

Part I can be viewed here

Here’s just a few of the social media blunders that franchisors and franchisees are making in 2015:

6. Slow response times - after all that hard work getting great content that has engaged your followers enough to interact then show them the courtesy of replying asap. Facebook and other social media sites will reward you for quick response times with the appropriate badge of honour however it's the benefit from the customers you make feel special where the real benefit is felt.

7. Damage limitation - don't forget that everything that is posted is public including the not so great stuff. If you have made a mistake or have a particularly disgruntled customer who wants to berate you publicly then deal with it and take it offline asap making sure the situation is settled satisfactorily. Be honest and fair, own up and make it right. Never reply more than twice or air your dirty laundry on social media.

social-network-76532_6408. Content adaptation - you can duplicate posts on different platforms as long as they are appropriate and adapted to suit the tone of that media. For example, make sure that a story on LinkedIn has more of a business context and something on Instagram has a stunning lifestyle image to tell the same story. If it's just a funny piece on Facebook then leave it there alone.

9. Off-Brand Content - be careful not to start something that has not been thought through properly and has the potential to take your brand places it should never go. Asking customers to make comments can attract the wrong attention if there is a lack of authenticity or potential clash of objectives e.g. High street banks during the recession offering supporting language on Twitter whilst calling in loans in the real world may attract some negativity.

10. Franchisee / Franchisor togetherness - showing a united front on social media with posts be shared and complimenting each account associated with the master brand is crucial and can be powerful. If there is conflicting information it works against the brand. Keep talking and train a mechanism and structure to enable symbiosis.

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