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Building franchisee network sales though social media – Top 10 Common franchise social media mistakes [Part I]

Social media has been around for long enough now in the UK to expect some basic levels of use by all franchise brands, however the range of success varies massively and there are plenty of common mistakes that are regularly made. Here’s just a few of the social media blunders that franchisors and franchisees are making in 2015:

1. No Social Media Manager – does your business have a member of staff with social media in their title or job description? This could be an indication that your franchise business strategy is not taking the marketing opportunity that social media represents seriously enough. Franchise businesses should at the very least calculate how much of their marketing budget they are putting towards social media and make the minimum of one person responsible for the business social media strategy.

2. Out of date profiles – perhaps not quite as bad as having a Christmas profile in July as the photo suggests however many brands fail to keep their profiles up to date.

Christmas Facebook profile As a rule brands should keep their cover photos and images on social networks especially Facebook and Twitter seasonally relevant. At the very least all information should be up to date if at all time sensitive. Make sure your brand logos and photos are up to date and consistent.

3. Losing the personal touch – social networks are ‘social’ for a reason and even if you’re a B2B company then make sure you are not simply a business name and number. Bring some life into your social media activity and think a little left-field to provide interesting content that your customers will find interesting. Whenever you can, try and respond with a real person’s name to give that personal human response.

4. Over promotional posting – no matter how good your offer is, don’t be too sales orientated. Social media is there to interest your followers and even if you have the best ever promotion or special offer regarding your latest product or service then your posts about it should only constitute a small fraction of overall activity. As a rule of thumb 10% to 30% of your social media activity should relate directly to what it is you are selling. The other 70-90% of your content should be related to your industry and your clients’ interests.

5. No Email Capture – social media offers a variety of advantages and marketing opportunities to franchise brands both for the franchisor and franchisee but if you are not capturing data then you are missing a trick. The end goal is to communicate a message to sell your product or services and increase the number of potential franchisee leads you receive once you have convinced the reader that your brand is for them. To make the most of this it is important to find a way of converting your interested followers into prospects with email address. This can be done in a number of ways with competitions, free guides and general added value propositions that have enough perceived benefit to warrant giving away that information.

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