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Welcome to Franchise Intelligence…

Franchise Intelligence specialises in helping businesses fully maximise the benefits of franchising. Our team is geared to helping businesses apply sound, effective strategies for franchising their business.

Whether you are seeking to understand how franchising could benefit your business, have identified franchising as a development route or you’re an existing franchisor looking for guidance on improving business performance, Franchise Intelligence can help.

Franchise Intelligence comprises a team of experts with proven track records in developing and running franchised businesses, large and small. We understand how effective franchise networks should operate to be capable of fulfilling the expectations of all involved.

We provide a combination of consultancy, training and software tools to help your maximise your business potential.

We focus on:

  • Feasibility Studies and Consultancy services for those interested in Franchising their Business
  • Training, Strategy and Online Services for existing Franchisors looking to recruit franchisees
  • Training, Strategy and Tools for those looking to Grow Their Network revenue by harnessing the power of the internet

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